Thursday, April 6, 2017

Pizzetta in Bread, Simple and fast


1 piece of bread
A little olive oil for frying
1/4 green&red pepper
1 slice of salami (crumble)
1 slice of ham (crumble)
1 egg
100 g Grated mozzarella


Carefully cut the crust from the bread, without cutting it, we will remove the flesh.
Lightly fry the peppers, salami and ham.
Then we collect the ingredients in the middle of the pan and cover with bread crust so that they all are inside. Mix the egg and cheese and also pour into the pan inside the bread crust.
Cover the mixture with bread pulp, press it.
Fry the bread on both sides so that the filling remains inside.
Done. Simple, fast, satisfying. We'll crunch?