Saturday, December 26, 2015

Candy Corn Pudding Shots


1 Packaged Instant Vanilla Pudding (or your flavor of choice)
3/4 Cup Milk
3/4 Cup Cream Liqueur (we used RumChata)
8 oz Tub Whipped Topping
Whipped Cream
Yellow and Orange Food Coloring
Candy Corn to garnish

In a medium bowl combine pudding mix, milk, and cream liqueur. Whisk together — then divide into two separate bowls. Add food coloring until desired color is reached. Fold in half the container of whipped topping to each bowl (4 oz each) until incorporated. Place bowls in freezer to cool and allow the pudding to set (30-60 minutes). Pipe into shot glasses and top with whipped cream and candy corn.

NOTE: Shots can be piped ahead of time and stored in the freezer. Top with whipped cream just before serving.