Sunday, December 6, 2015

Salad "Olivier" with the veal tongue

Famous Olivier! In each family, this salad is ready to offer you holidays.My but the recipe with a photo, a nice serving of this dish.

Potatoes - 300.0 g
Egg chicken - 5.0 pc
Salt - 0.8 tsp
Cucumbers - 300.0 g
Carrots - 150.0 g
Canned peas - 300.0 g
Mayonnaise - 150.0 g
Veal tongue - 1.0 pc

Step 1.
No holiday without salad. We have all become accustomed to the presence of Olivier on the table for bulky bowls made of glass or crystal. Try changing the supply of lettuce. Potatoes need to Olivier with great gluten - floury potatoes absorb a lot of mayonnaise, and salad is dry. We begin to prepare a salad. Prepare food for the salad with the tongue.

Step 2.
All my thoroughly in running water.

Stage 3.
Potatoes, eggs, tongue boil until tender. Clear all products and finely chop.

Step 4.
Products to lay out a special form for serving salads. We spread layers, do not forget to add sald.

Step 5.
Hard packed products in the form, shape, gently lift up. We had a beautiful Olivier in the form of a square. It remains to pour mayonnaise on top and serve. Is not it beautiful? A little caviar will add flavor to this dish.

It looks awesome!

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